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  • lts1
    Jun 27 2016

    Student Leaders assembled in Pieces 2016

    In order to give an idea of the true meaning service and leadership to incoming student leaders for academic school year 2016-2017, the Student Council and with their adviser, Ms. Maria Zarah P. Vivas, organized the Leadership Training Seminar with the theme Pieces: “Assembling Youth Thomasian Leaders in Building Boundless Possibilities” at the Miguel de Benavides Auditorium and the Sitio Antonio Wavepool Resort, Pandi, Bulacan from June 27 to July 1.

    There are approximately 150 youth Thomasian leaders, representing their respective clubs, who attented the in-campus seminar, hosted by Christa Bianca Padrigo, the Student Council president and Paul Johnson Rey, the Student Council treasurer.

    On the first day, the student leaders were energized with a getting-to-know activity, after the said activity, Ms. Niña Jessica Pasno, the former Student Council President, gave an inspirational talk to aspiring student leaders about how challenging yet fun it is to serve the fellow Thomasian students and community. In addiction to that, she also shared her thrilling experience as a student leader since UST Grade School up to her campaign in the Central Student Council. The next speaker was our very own, Mrs. Marivic Torres, the assistant principal. Mrs. Torres discussed the Manuel of Student Organizations, which explained what was expected to be produced per student organization. The third speaker was Mr. Anthony Yoma, a distuingished English Teacher and the head of Simbahayan Community for the UST JHS. He talked about Community Service wherein students learned the different requirements on community development such as project and budget proposals, Letters, and the Simbahayan projects as well. Mr. Charles Deita, the school secretary, was the last speaker. He presented the Office Protocol, the proper recognition of distinguished people young leaders must know in order to write a letter, request or certificate addressed to the respected office. The day was ended by the introduction of the club advisers for this academic year.

    The learnings of the student leaders continued during the second day in which Mr. Karlo Jay Perez, taught the ABCs of Budgeting, the seed fund of every club, the proper citation of receipts and everything the student leaders need to know. He gave students leaders tricky worksheets on how to correctly document the receipts and budget of the club. The next speaker was Ms. Katherine Patrice Sibug, who tackled on the ABCs of Letterwriting; how to write effectively to get the approval of the office. Each club was also given a chance to write a sample letter addressed to office pertaining to a certain activity held by a club. Giving a short lecture was Mr. John Raymond Sandoval, who also encouraged the student leaders to use the library resources and challenged them to promote the use of the library to their fellow Thomasians.

    The third day of the Leadership Training Seminar was more of the planning of the club activities, bulletin board making and school calendar plotting for each club.


    The in-campus, the molding of the Thomasian core values are continued during the 2 days off campus wherein the 90 student leaders are distributed among the 8 teams. Each student leader proved their leadership as an individual and as a team in the team building activities. A ceremonial event also happened during the night, wherein each club took the oath of responsibility as Thomasian leaders serving and sacrificing for the community.

    The five days Leadership Training Seminar In-Campus and Off-Campus truly was a successful event for giving meaning to service and leadership and promoting the Thomasian core values. Each invidual continues to prove themselves to be a serving and sacrificing leader as they venture out for the upcoming academic year 2016-2017.

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  • ntm
    Sep 08 2015

    National Teachers’ Month

    Last September 05, 2015, the National Teachers’ Month-long celebration was officially launched at the Benavides Auditorium of the University Of Santo Tomas Junior High School. pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 242 signed by President Benigno Aquino III in 2011, the National Teachers’ Month is the longest celebration for teachers in the world, held from September 5 to October 5, World Teachers’ Day. This event was organized the Metrobank Foundation Inc. (MBFI) in cooperation with the Commission on Higher Education, the Department of Education, and the Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators in coordination with the University of Santo Tomas Junior High School and College of Education. This year’s theme, “My Teacher, My Hero,” aimed to promote the silent heroism yet reverberating actions of the noble teachers around the nation and grant appreciation and recognition to their extensive efforts to serve and dedicate themselves for the future of the Filipino students. Besides this, the commemorative stamps by the Philippine Postal Corporation was also launched during the event, as well as the awarding of the newly-recognized members of the Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators and the winners of the National Poster Making and Essay Writing Contests. Among the notable attendees of said event were Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC, Secretary of the Department of Education, Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara, Ms. Cory Quirino, Postmaster General Hon. Josephine Dela Cruz, and Metrobank Foundation President Aniceto Sobrepeña. Dr. Thomas Edison Dela Cruz of the Biology department of the University of Santo Tomas was awarded as one of this year’s Outstanding Teachers, while Rienna Yu Soliven of UST Junior High School was also awarded Second Place in the National Essay Writing Contest.

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  • shs
    Aug 28 2015

    UST SHS Principal orients Grade 10 with Senior High School

    “We prepare, you prepare,” stated Assoc. Prof. Pilar Y. Isidoro-Romero, Ph.D., the inaugural Principal of UST Senior High School to parents, faculty members, guidance counselors, and students during the SHS orientation on August 25, 2015 at the Benavides Auditorium.

    Dr. Romero emphasized that the Senior High School would be different from Junior High School. UST SHS would be having its distinct department color, seal, student handbook, and uniform. Apart from these, UST Senior High School guarantees that a scholarship program will be offered to deserving students. It is expected that SHS would sponsor both academic and cultural organizations beneficial to pupils and to their preparation for tertiary education. As of the orientation date, 4, 786 aspirants have already applied for the USTET admissions.

    Students were invited to choose from the six strands (Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Sciences strand, Accountancy, Business, Management strand, Music and Arts strand, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics strand, Health Allied strand, and Physical Education and Sports strand) offered by the university. The Principal highlighted that the UST Senior High School will be the only institution that would offer the Arts and Design strand, Health Allied strand, and Physical Education and Sports Strand as “strands under the Academic Track. “ Faithful to its stand as a department of a Catholic university, UST Senior High School would be imparting the “Integral Faith Formation Program” together with the 15 core subjects, 16 track subjects, 7 contextualized subjects, and 9 specialization subjects mandated by the Department of Education.

    A morning shift (7:00 am to 12:00 nn) or an afternoon shift (1:00 pm to 5:00 pm) from Monday to Saturday would be implemented in UST Senior High School. “Preparation is a two way purpose” said Dr. Romero. “You should work doubly hard to be admitted to UST SHS.”

  • freshmenorientation
    Jul 20 2015

    Freshmen Orientation: Jumpstart on Being a Thomasian

    Each school has its own rules and regulations. Not only does it teaches students the knowledge about the different field of education, its aim is also to mold their students into proper, respectful, and intelligent people that can be role models for the next generation. UST Junior High School transform their students into more talented and hardworking for them to be ready for the journey ahead.

    The Grade 7 Students had their Freshmen Orientation before the start of classes. The Orientation gives a glimpse on the life of a Thomasian Student. It tackles on how a student must behave in such premises and how to observe proper decorum. The Orientation is headed by the Principal, Asst. Principal, and Guidance Counselors. They gave the rules and regulations to the students who are together with their parents. The parents of the students were able to comply with the rules given. They were given the chance to ask about the subject matter and know more about it. Not only the rules and regulations was shown to the students and their parents, the Orientation also shows some information about UST Junior Highschool itself and its achievements. In the end, the Orientation made it clear about the rules that must be observed inside the premises.

    The Orientation helped prepare the students on their journey as part of the Thomasian Community.

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  • campustour
    Jul 19 2015

    University Campus Tour

    As one of the highlights of the welcome ceremonies of the Grade 7 students and transferees for this school year 2015-2016, the University Campus Tour was held last July 16, 2015. This undertaking was organized by the UST Junior High School Student Council in coordination with the Central Board composed of club and organization presidents and selected student leaders. The new breed of Thomasians were toured around the University of Santo Tomas to orient them on the orientation and location of each college, faculty, or department within the campus. The freshmen and transferees were also given a glimpse of the brief history and trademarks that UST is known for. Some of the stations where student leaders have been deployed were the UST Main Building, the Rosarium, the Benavides Garden, St. Martin de Porres Building, the UST Hospital, the Arch of the Centuries, the Quadricentennial Square, and many other attractions inside the UST Campus.

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  • metamorphosis
    Jun 05 2015

    Metamorphosis: Bringing Forth Change through Service and Leadership

    Last June 1-2, 2015, the UST Junior High School Student Council, headed by Hannah Marie Banzuelo and moderated by Ms. Maria Zarah P. Vivas, organized the annual Leadership Training Seminar for the student leaders of the respective clubs and organizations for the School Year 2015-2016. This year’s off-campus training seminar was held at the Lola Corazon Leisure Farm in Talang-Candaba, Pampanga with the theme “Metamorphosis: Bringing Forth Change through Service and Leadership.” The two-day event culminated the in-campus seminar of the students, and was jam-packed with activities that promote camaraderie and teamwork among the pillars of the various organizations of the school. Furthermore, team building activities and games were also incorporated to harness and reinforce better decision-making skills and cooperation among the students in preparation for the coming school year. Besides the student leaders themselves, among the attendees of the off-campus training seminar were the school administration, some of the club and organization advisers, and faculty members who helped facilitate the event.

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  • May 20 2015

    USTHS holds Recognition Ceremonies for SY 2014-2015

    UST Junior High School holds an annual recognition ceremonies for the students who have exemplified exceptional academic and conduct performance for the school year that was. The Final Recognition Ceremonies for the School Year 2014- 2015 was held last May 18, 2015 at the Benavides Auditorium. The 4-hour program was divided into two parts, the Fourth Quarter Academic and Conduct Awards and the Overall Academic Excellence, Exemplary Conduct and Service Awards for the undergraduates.

    Professor Minerva P. Calimag, M.D., the President of the Philippine Medical Association and an alumna of UST High School Batch 1973 graced the momentous event through her inspirational message to the student awardees and to their parents as well.


    General Academic Excellence Awardees

    Grade 9

    First Honors – Rienna Y. Soliven

    Second Honors – Uraina Uriah F. Tabago

    Third Honors – Anjeanette S. Sy

    Fourth Honors – Al Vicente Riano DC. Lisboa

    Fifth Honors – Sean Angelo Del Rosario

    Sixth Honors – Joanna G. Reyes

    Seventh Honors – Josephine M. Jordan

    Eighth Honors – Viany A. Manuel, Jr.

    Ninth Honors – Edrianne Rae M. Trias

    Tenth Honors – Pia Gabrielle Q. Canonero


    Grade 8

    First Honors – Patricia R. Bojador

    Second Honors – Virgel Ross J. Carillo

    Third Honors – Maria Erika B. Rivera

    Fourth Honors – Ronalyn Joyce C. Lalimo

    Fifth Honors – Roi John O. Javier

    Sixth Honors – Ji Yong Oh

    Seventh Honors – Christa Bianca B. Padrigo

    Eighth Honors – Maria Patricia Anne G. Marcelo

    Ninth Honors – Sarina A. Sasaki

    Tenth Honors – Alexis Gloria E. Al Sharhan


    Grade 7

    First Honors – Eunice Estelle B. Villegas

    Second Honors – Allysa Veronica L. Urquico

    Third Honors – Cyra Yasmin M. Sabal

    Fourth Honors – Nathalie Belle F. Villademosa

    Fifth Honors – Veronica A. Gamoso

    Sixth Honors – John Andrew Alsol

    Seventh Honors – Rovee Lucille T. Doliente

    Eighth Honors – Sophia P. Punzalan

    Ninth Honors – Mian Kieff T. Albano

    Tenth Honors – John Afred Malabanan


    Exemplary Conduct Awardees

    Grade 9 – Reginald R. Marcelino

    Grade 8 – Maria Patricia Anne G. Marcelo

    Grade 7 – Jeri Ann M. Capulong


    Exemplary Service Awardees

    Gheneva Mae M. Aleta

    Hannah Marie C. Banzuelo

    Pia Gabrielle Q. Cañonero

    Angelica Mae C. Endaya

    Jomarly Joshua G. Estrada

    Ralph Rainell C. Estrella

    Raina Rheta S. Galut

    Reginald R. Marcelino

    John Marco D. Pronto

    Clarisse Niña I. Reyes

    Joanna G. Reyes

    Rienna Y. Soliven

    Anjeanette S. Sy

    Uraina Uriah F. Tabago

    April Joy P. Uri


    Benavides Outstanding Achievement Awardees

    Imee Joyce M. Saavedra

    Joshua Raphael A. Tan

    Pauline Marie Monique M. Gaston


    St. Dominic De Guzman Award for Outstanding Teamwork

    UST High School Student Council (SY 2014 – 2015)


    Pope Leo XIII Award for Community Development

    Karen Regina B. Calumpang


    Quezon Leadership Awardee

    Nina Jessica C. Pasno


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