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     Mission Statement

The mission of the UST Junior High School is to prepare students for Senior High School, to form them in faith, and to mold them with the identities of a true Thomasian – competent, committed, and compassionate, dedicated to serve God, the nation and the global community.


Our mission is defined by the following goals:
  1.    1.   Integral formation of our students;
  2.    2.   Cultivation of Christian values necessary for the formation of a right social conscience;
  3.    3.   Development of professional sound expertise in guiding, counseling, and nurturing our students’ passion for knowledge;
  4.    4.   Appreciation, preservation, enrichment, and propagation of Filipino cultural heritage rooted in a sense of history and tradition;
  5.    5.   Recognition of the role of individuals in the University, local, community, country, and the environment.

     Vision Statement

The UST Junior High School envisions itself as a leading Junior High School in the country, committed to the holistic formation of its students and the cultivation of their potentials.


     School Objectives

It is the aim of the UST Junior High School:

  1.    1.   To mold the students into total human persons by providing them the best educational program possible in an atmosphere conducive to intellectual, spiritual, moral, social, cultural, and physical development.
  2.    2.   To provide the students with the necessary education in order that they may become well-disciplined persons whose deportment is in harmony with Christian ideals and teachings.
  3.    3.   To help the students develop a sense of Christian leadership and service whose primary concern is the welfare of others.
  4.    4.   To cultivate in the students a genuine and fervent nationalist sense.
  5.    5.   To provide the adolescent students an all-around, sound, balanced and challenging curriculum, not only suited to their talents and abilities, but also determined to bring out the best in them and make them responsible adults in the future.



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