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UST JHS in PYNC Second Annual Production

The Philippine Youth News Center (PYNC) held its second annual production mainly about the basics of video news, in partnership with the University of Santo Tomas Junior High School, TomCat and ASEAN Children News, last August 26 at UST Tan Yan Kee AVR. 3 representatives, namely Mark Jay Casipit, Ronalyn Lalimo and Deann Caminar, of the Social Media Club, together with former junior high students, Ralph Estrella and Uriah Tabago, were given a chance to participate with the supervisor of Ms. Irene Rodriguez and Mr. Danny Balance.

The event started with a warm welcome for the chosen representatives coming from different departments of UST. Next were a series of the invited speakers giving their own tips from their experience about a diversity of fields on news video. The first speaker, Ms. Janelle Ann Catapusan, presented the basic news scriptwriting as a medium of telling a newsworthy story. Next, Mr. Justine Dixon talked about focusing on visual literacy and basic camera handling which are both significant during news coverage. Meanwhile, Ms. Katrina Domingo tackled about the depth of preparations, processes and expectations on television reporting. She even gave a glimpse of the actual deliverance during on set broadcasting. Lastly, Ms. Jane Bracher taught how online reporting and responsible journalism is carried out. She even presented her videos, even live videos from Facebook, to clearly emphasize the difference between journalists and netizens, and how fast it should be for the world to get news.

The whole day production were worth it as students bring home a memorable lessons, as well as experiences, in becoming a Media worker.


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